About the Book

About the Book

The Best Beginner’s Lessons Available Anywhere!

Pennywhistle for Beginners is an abridged edition of the acclaimed book The Clarke Tin Whistle by Bill Ochs. Pennywhistle for Beginners is thirty-two pages long and features twenty-nine tunes from early America, Ireland, England, and Scotland. This beginner’s edition, prepared specially by Ochs, has all the same great beginning lessons as his Clarke book at a price well within your school or group’s budget — just $2.50 per copy when ordered in bulk.

Easy to Use with No Previous Training

No previous musical training is necessary. Using the book’s simple tablature, a complete beginner can learn to play a familiar song in a matter of minutes. Then through a specially selected series of folk tunes, beginners are carefully guided through all the basics of playing, one step at a time. Tablature gradually gives way to staff notation as students learn the fundamentals of rhythm and reading music in a completely natural and fun way. See some sample pages here.

Supplemented by a Free Media Download

A forty-four minute Pennywhistle for Beginners Mp3 is available as a FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD here. No purchase is necessary. It is our gift to you. Playing along with the music is a great way for students to practice.

The Clarke Meg Tin Whistle Completes the Package

The Clarke Meg tin whistle in the key of D completes the package. The Meg is similar to the popular Clarke Sweetone and is very easy to play. We sell the Meg whistle for $5.08 to schools, but you can save even more by ordering it with the book for a combined price of just $7.50 for the two items. Download the free media and get set for hours of joyful music making!


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